The culinary Journey

The south story

The evolution of South Indian cuisine

South Indian cuisine still retains many elements of the ancient culture that flourished many years ago: steamed dumplings with coconut, jaggery (raw sugar) and cardamom in a rice wrapper; food served in banana leaves, or the ubiquitous spice blend kari podi, or curry powder, are all indigenous to this region.

There are, however, a few unifying elements of southern cooking, like the use of rice as a staple, as well as certain varieties of squashes and greens, coconut, jaggery, peanuts and sesame seeds. Herbs and spices are a potent underpinning, including curry leaves (balmy herb), tamarind (sour pod), sour lime and spices such as mustard, ginger, turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, black pepper and the incendiary red Guntur chilies.

Vegetarian dishes, which originated in the courts of kings, are collectively known as South Indian Vegetarian. Throughout the south, dishes like sambar, kotto and koyamboo (spicy vegetable and lentil stews), kari or thovaran (warm vegetable salads), rasam (soup) and pachadi (yogurt salad) are popular.

South Indian vegetarian cooking also includes preparations like idli (steamed dumplings), dosa (lacy crepes) and vada (bean fritters), all made with sourdough batter of rice and/or bean. These light vegetarian protein foods, called tiffin, are popular snacks served with a chutney and a lentil sauce.

Cuisine & Ingredients
Rich traditions

A highly celebrated and traditional restaurant, Swaad takes pride in replicating the authentic gourmet recipes that were previously confined to the family kitchens of South India.

Southern India, a sought-after source of exotic spices since ancient times,  has evolved a myriad of culinary traditions and Swaad is helping preserve this distinctive cuisine of the South India.

What People think about our restaurant

They always say Customer is King and we hold this value very close to our ethos and this very aspect defines who we are and who we will be in the future…

Authentic and home-cooked Indian in Matosinhos...... Well-prepared and flavorful dishes and accompaniments at Swaad. The chicken curry we had tasted like it'd been simmering on the stove all day, a very welcome change from other Indian restaurants we've tried in Porto
Ilgnyc...New York City
18th March 2023
Ótimo restaurante do sul da India....Serviço muito cuidado e familiar. Comida de ótima qualidade, com paladares (e pratos) muito diversos dos usuais restaurantes indianos. Aconselho seguir as indicações do funcionário (talvez também o dono).
Francisco_B_Monteiro....Porto, Portugal
6th June 2022
Deliciosa viagem ao sul da Índia.....Delicious food, completely different and much much better than what you would usually expect..We were very well received with great suggestions and perfect servings... Definitely going back,we all loved it!!!
3rd December 2021
Kerala experience.......Excelent food homemade style. Different from the indian food stereotype since is from kerala in the south of India. If you visit the restaurant just follow their suggestions and enjoy it
Jose Cateta....Porto, Portugal
6th November 2021