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Chumuca Vegetarian
€ 3

Crispy whole-wheat wrappers with mixed vegetable stuffing

€ 3.5

Savoury south-Indian snack made with lentils, spices & herbs

Ulli Vada
€ 4.5

Onion fritters made with gram flour

Pazham Pori
€ 4

Banana fritters made from ripened plantain and sweetened flour

Chamuca Chaat Masala
€ 4.5

Delicious crushed chamuca drizzled with tamarind chutney and topped with vegetables

Kerala "Peixe" Pollichathu*

Fish marinated in spices and shallow pan fried with thick paste of onions, tomatoes and spices (prices based on the type & size of the fish)

Camarao "Kizhi"
€ 7

Prawns cooked in vegetable masala and spices

Lula Roast
€ 7

Calamari coated with vegetable masala and spices

Iguarias indianas
Classic South Indian
€ 6

Lacy soft hoppers made with ground fermented rice & coconut

€ 8.5

Steamed savoury rice cake made with a batter of fermented black lentils & rice

Dosa Masala
€ 9.5

Pancake made with fermented batter of lentils & rice served with a filling of vegetables and spices

Dosa Masala Kanchipuram
€ 11.5

Dosa coated with spiced beetroot paste & served with vegetables and spices

Spanish Dosa Masala
€ 13

Dosa served with shredded chicken mixed with carramelized onions & tomatoes

Dosa "Verde"
€ 8.5

Version of the dosa topped with onions, tomatoes and green herbs

Tapioca Masala
€ 9.5

Traditional Tapioca dish with coconut, spices and herbs

Kerala Parota
€ 3

Layered South Indian Flat bread from Kerala

Caril e Arroz
Curry & Rice
Estufado de Vegetais
€ 9

Vegetarian stew made with mixed vegetable and coconut milk

Coco Torrado
€ 9.5

Mixed vegetable curry made with a base of roasted coconuts

Ulli Theeyal
€ 12.5

Typical Kerala dish made with "burnt" coconut, shallots & onions

Kozhi Varatha-Arachathu
€ 14

Chicken cooked with roasted ground coconut and spices

Railway "Mutton" Curry
€ 16

Traditional South-Indian spicy Mutton curry with coconut milk and spices

Chemmeen Thenga Pal Curry
€ 15.5

Shrimp cooked with caramelised onions and tomatoes and tempered with coconut milk

Chicken "Dum" Biriyani
€ 16

Traditional mixed rice dish slow cooked with chicken, herbs & spices

Biriyani de Camarao
€ 15

Traditional mixed rice dish with prawns, spices & herbs and served with yogurt salad

Bebidas e COCktails
Drinks & Cocktails
Mango Lassi
€ 4.5

Traditional go-to-drink from India made with yogurt and mango pulp

Mint Naringa Sarabat
€ 4

Lemonade invigorated with crushed mint leaves with a sweet & salt tang

Sulaimani Chai
€ 3.5

Aromatic sweet-sour black tea with tinge of lime & spices

Masala Chai
€ 5

Sweetened black tea with milk and a spiced mix

€ 9

Vodka infused with spices and divine combination of flavours from ginger, lime & cardamom

Sharabi Mango Lassi
€ 9

Intoxicated mango lassi with coconut rum and Bailey's Irish cream

Tamarind Mojito
€ 9

South Indian mojito makeover with tamarind paste, herbs with tequila

Malibu Sarabath
€ 8

Boozy lemonade with coconut rum, lime juice & herbs

Dessert of the Day

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